11 Fun Facts about Online Gambling

Gambling has a historical overview not known to many. There are many fun facts about the gambling games that you play which are unexplored. So, let’s unravel these interesting facts together:

  1. Online casinos have ruled the digital world for quite a while now, 27 years precisely. The first online casino game was played in the year 1994.A company called ‘Microgaming’ was responsible for the concept and theory of play. They exist even today and are one among the many internet platforms to play gambling games.
  2. The people in the age group of 30 years to 40 years thoroughly enjoy playing online. Since it is not allowed for minors and only people above 18 years can play, the average age is approximately 30 years. Also, youngsters prefer video games to gambling games.
  3. Gambling is a gender-neutral game gaining popularity across all genders. It is not restricted only to men, and you can easily play anonymously in the online circuit. Hence, you can easily find a wide variety of individuals playing gambling games.
  4. Initially, the slot machines were called one-armed bandits. Since they had a handle and you required one hand to play it, the name stuck on. However, with online slot machines, all you have to do is spin the wheel.
  5. Online roulette is often called ‘The Devil’s Game.’ The connotation is due to the numbers existing on the wheel, which give a sum of 666. Since it’s the devil’s number hence, the name stayed. However, this does not influence your winning chances.
  6. Online blackjack is one gambling game in which counting cannot occur. Hence, you cannot cheat during the game. In the physical scene, shuffling of cards is one of the most common ways of winning. However, in the online game, the shuffle happens automatically and is run by the software.
  7. With online slots gaining popularity today,only 10% of the population would play at a physical location. Many of the players prefer online slot machines, 90%, to be exact.
  8. It’s a misconception that the most significantbet translates into huge winnings. Many a time, even small wagers lead to the accumulation of large sums of money. Hence, it’s pure chance and whether the odds are in your favor on a particular day to win massive sums of money.
  9. According to statistical analysis and research, men prefer gambling games requiring skill or dexterity while females prefer games depending upon chance. Hence, women like to try their luck at the games while men rely on strategy to win.
  • The ‘DeadMan’s Hand,’ which consists of pairs of aces and eights, is deemed unlucky. However, it is not the case, and you can win the game of online poker even after you get these cards. It’s called so because it was the group of cards held by a gambler when he was shot dead.
  • Cryptocurrency is the new form of money used in gambling games. The anonymous nature and the exclusion of banks from the path simplifies the payment channels to a considerable extent.

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