The current trends that online casinos are offering in multi-currency bonuses

When online casinos first hit the scene on the internet, the payoffs for the participants was easy.  It was a no-brainer to pay out since only one currency was being used.  With the explosion of online casinos booming throughout the world, crossing countries and continents, although increasing the profitability exponentially, it also brought with it the added frustration and confusion of delving out payouts in differing currencies.  The casinos had to make some serious decisions revolving around currencies.  Do they hand out currencies at a flat rate across the board, all being equal, or do they take into account the real value of the bonuses according the the exchange rate of the currency being used.

Initially it seemed more simplistic and profitable to give the bonuses in real values.  The currencies that most online casinos offer is the US Dollar, the Euro and the British Pound.  Since the Euro and the British Pound are higher in value than the US Dollar, the bonuses were handed out primarily in US Dollar currency.  Most of the casino sites do not differentiate between the Euro and British Pound and they offer equal currencies for both of them.
Over the past couple of years, however, the trend is shifting, whereby the casinos are offering identical numerical bonuses no matter what currency they are dealing with.  The  philosophy is that the payouts will average out the same between the three to allow the casino to break even on the spread and make the participants feel better about the bonus transaction.

There are some sites, however, that maintain the method of bonus payouts in different currencies, sites such as Play United.  Play United is one of the many multi-currently, multi-language online casinos.  The software that they use and offer, is offered in over 18 differing languages and the participants are allowed to use US Dollar, Euro or the British Pound for currencies.  Play United is powered by Playtech and licensed in the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Play United has a vast number of differing bonus offerings.  The bonuses within the options are numerically equal and the payout is immediate.  The player is allowed to either cash out and receive the cash payout or is allowed to reinvest their payout to continue to play, but whatever option they chose they are given the fair and numerical equivalent of their currency, not that of another country.

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